Friday, May 14, 2004

Why aren't you feeling more oppressed?

Updated: 13 May 2004

The Irish World newspaper, which caters to the Irish community in Britain, reports on the latest developments of interest to
Professor Mary Hickman of London Metropolitan University said there was still strong opposition to recognising the Irish as an ethnic minority. She called on the Irish community to form links with other ethnic groups, pointing out that according to the census, households headed by Irish people are among the most ethnically mixed in Britain.

She warned that Home Secretary David Blunkett was pursuing an integrationist agenda and suggested that the GLA could help to achieve what cannot currently be achieved at a national level
What exactly is an integrationist agenda with respect to the Irish? How different can two neighboring, nations of white, northern European, English-speakers be? Not that there aren't cultural differences, but compared to the other immigrants - Kosovans, Afghans, Iraqis, Russians, West Africans, I think we have a much less difficult adaptation to daily life in London and face less prejudice.

What would this academic suggest? We could start wearing some distinguishing costume like Rastafarian dreadlocks or Chassidic gear of black suits, beards and sidelocks, speak entirely as Gaeilge, and be coralled into designated areas of London by the GLA? I dunno.

Peter 笔德

Update 1: 14 May, Changed quote format and rewrote last two sentences for greater clarity.