Wednesday, May 12, 2004

A Confession from your Humble Blogger

While I have plenty of real-world experience in seven-odd years as a banker and businessman in evaluating commercial projects, perhaps I could be accused of being as guilty as Lietaer in taking on economic issues for which I don't have a proper training. Indeed, I should point out that I've never taken a course or literature survey in cost-benefit analysis of a social or macroeconomic issue. That being said, I think my points in the review below should stand up to scrutiny, so informed objections or clarifications would be welcome.

I think Dale Carnegiecalls this type of spiel the "hit me!" strategy.

I must confess to being slightly uneasy about how I am editing these postings too, as I just went back to clean up the language a little on the previous posting. Unlike on wiki, I don't know how to make these revisions visible while keeping the page readable.

Peter 笔德