Friday, May 07, 2004

Blogs and the Irish press

U.S. paper the Irish Echo shines a spotlight on the A-team of Irish blogs, including Frank McGahon's Internet Commentator, Blog Irish (brilliant name, brilliant blog), Slugger O'Toole (NI news with a broad view) and John Fay's Irish Eagle.

I've long found the Irish press parochial in outlook and often amateurish in analysis and fact-checking. As John Fay says,

"With Google, everything became checkable. Before Google, it was much harder to check what a journalist/columnist had written. The newspaper editors were assumed to be checking the facts. Google has allowed us news consumers to find out that often the emperor has no clothes when it comes to fact checking," -- and then to blog angrily about it.

Analysing for myself and then putting my arguments into words is precisely what I am trying to do here myself.

All these bloggers are as good as any opinion pieces in any Irish newspaper, and Blog Irish and Frank in particular better than any Irish equivalent on dead-trees. I'm waiting to see who is the first one to be signed up for a column. Given all the outraged letters to the editor I see in the Irish Times about Mark Steyn, I can imagine there may be a vacancy for a token right-winger sometime soon.

Peter 笔德