Sunday, February 13, 2005

The Blackline Blog Awards

The BAFTA's were on here in London town last night, with throngs of fat housewives from Essex completely filling Leicester Square. Since these film awards seem to be proliferating like weaponised anthrax among Middle East dictatorships, I thought that I myself should supplement the Freedom Institute Blog Awards with some nominated and judged, in a completely arbitrary and whimsical manner entirely by me.

Frank has a wider range than anyone, IMHO and comes up with a lot that you wouldn't expect, so I'd leave him as being best overall.

The problem with Mark's site is that I often don't know what I miss, but I'm hopeless at understanding complex non-verbal logical structures.

As an alternative, I'd definitely hand out to Mark an award for being Ireland's most unblinking Zionist blog, followed by Atlantic Blog.

I think that I mentioned Eagle's political comment, because I thought his posting, which might have been on BSD(?) after the November election was brilliant. He wrote that only liberals would want to leave America after the results because they want it to become like other countries, while conservatives don't even after electoral defeats because they prefer America to other countries. I'd tack on an award for best baseball prediction last year for the Sox v Yankees games - he got the right result but the wrong scores!

I'd probably tie Eagle and Tony on producing text that reads immediately as if it's newspaper-ready, but Frank is by far the best debater out there.

I would nominate Twenty Major as the funniest blog in Ireland, with his classic biting Dublin sense of humour. Scott Burgess, a friend and apparently a one-time classmate of Bill Sjostrom of AtlanticBlog

I'd nominate Back Seat Drivers as the best of the "incorrect" blogs. Dick O'Brien et al. deserve kudos for being a worthy opponent in debate, although Dick isn't the most skilled user of economic statistics in the Irish blogosphere.