Thursday, February 10, 2005

A Note On Comments

If you're going to comment here, and in general everybody is very welcome to do so, take a moment to consider some suggestions that will allow us all to get along nicely. For my part, I find responding to comments on postings the most enjoyable thing about reading blogs, equaled only by the satisfaction of making a post of my own that combines both original thinking and skill in expression.

Abiola gets a lot more blogroaches than I have, so he posted a sensible set of guidelines for commenting, which I approve of and intend to follow here too.

1. Feel free to post
As Dick O'Brien will tell you, I don't mind having an argument; in fact, I find it very hard to tear myself away from one, so if you post I am more than likely to respond, whether or not I agree, and to continue.

2.I edit, I don't censor
This is my blog. If you feel you must comment and that you are being suppressed here, then you have every resource available to you, including the ability to set up and host your own blog for free. Just sign up on Blogger.

3.Why should we take your word for it?
An academic training is a great thing. If you propose an argument, an appeal to credible theory or to empirical evidence provide the best support for it, especially if these have gone through the process of peer-review to ensure high-standards.

4.You're writing a letter, not graffiti
Leave your name. If you don't know how to spell it, just ask and we'll all help you.

5.Be polite
I've only tried banning people twice, and in both cases that was for personal abuse. Here and now, I'll admit to being absolutely infuriated by Provos, by antisemitism and by racist yahoos in general; post any of these and you'll be cut out straight away.