Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Get in Line!

The Los Angeles Times reports that the American government has created not just a single cloned sheep, but an entire new race of beings.

To be honest, I find this slightly absurd, as lumping together Spanish aristocrats from Cuba together with all the other "Latino" immigrants mainly the Mestizos and Indios from Mexico and Central America, many of whom don't speak any Spanish seems too broad a categorisation, whether it's by the supposedly representative minority activists or alarmists like Huntington.

I've just finished reading Eric Schlosser's book Reefer Madness, surveying the lunacies of the American government's war on cannabis, pornography and illegal immigration, which reinforced both my suspicion that regulation of these areas is disastrously misguided. Bad as life is for illegals, it seems by his account* that they at least don't have to worry about getting beaten and robbed by the US authorities as they can expect from their own government.

*I'm not sure if this link works for those who don't subsribe to the Atlantic Monthly. Email me if you would like to read the article but cannot get in.