Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Oil and Water

I've just added more links to my sidebar, including to the funniest sites on the web - the Onion, rec.humor.funny and Indymedia Ireland.

One site that I've pecked at for a while now and that I'll be visiting more often in the future is It has some fascinating links to information from people all the usual eejits are fastening onto. I found the interesting European Commission report on energy security there. Now, they've reproduced a report from my ex-colleagues at Deutsche Bank. These aren't the experts covering the oil products market, like strategist Michael Lewis, or the oils team in equity research but the long-sidelined German economists, who seem to have spent the last ten years since the revival of the investment bank desperately searching for a role, casting about for an audience in macroeconomics, real estate and now oil.