Thursday, January 13, 2005

A Dubious Honour

I got this email last night from someone refering to himself as Political Junkie. I don't like getting spam at the best of times, so I wrote back to him telling him to go forth and multiply. Did anyone else get mail from this eejit?

Trust me, you don't want to bother going to his site; it's just about the only thing I've ever seen on the web that seemed better suited to another, cheaper, medium - like the back of a toilet door.

Fellow Bloggers:

Below is a list of 25 “Differences Between the Left and Right.” This list, culled from more than a 100 found in my bipartisan book “The Political Junkie Handbook” should entertain and provoke passionate response from your readers. I hope you can use it.

I am also interested in advertising on the many political blogs found on the internet. You may have seen my ads in such diverse range of publications as Mother Jones, The American Spectator , The Hill and many others. Please email me your monthly charge, specifications and any other information you believe pertinent to advertising on your site. Please note that I do not deal with PayPal.


Michael Crane
The Political Junkie Handbook

Abortion: My Body, My Choice / It's a Child, Not a Choice
Animal Rights: "A Rat is a Pig is a Dog is a Boy" / Man is the Pinnacle of Creation
Child Raising: It Takes a Village / It Takes a Loving Mother and a Devoted Father
Crime: Crime is an Economic Problem / Crime is a Moral Problem
Education Policy: Outcome-Based Education / Back to the Basics
Favorite Celebrity Spokesman: Alec Baldwin / Charlton Heston
Favorite Motivating Factor: Power / Liberty
Favorite President: Franklin Delano Roosevelt / Ronald Reagan
Favorite Term for People Who Illegally Enter Our Country: Undocumented Workers / Illegal Aliens
Central Goal: Pursuit of Equality / Pursuit of Excellence
How They View Each Other: Believe Conservatives Reactionary / Think Liberals Utopian
Individual Modality: Self-Expression / Self-Control
Achieving Peace: Visualize Peace / Peace Through Strength
Politics: The Personal is Political / The Political is Personal
Popular Saying: Do Your Own Thing / Do Good and Avoid Evil
Public Policy: All Social Problems Have Solutions / All Policy Involves Trade-Offs
Rights: Group Rights / Individual Rights
Societal Motivator: Cooperation / Competition
Human Nature: Human Nature Can be Modified by Public Policy / Human Nature is Unchangeable
The Constitution is: A Living Document / An Inviolable Pact of and for the People
The Military: The Military is a Vehicle for Social Change / The Military Objective is Simply to Defend and Protect this Country
The Three R's: Racism, Reproduction and Recycling / Reading, Writing and 'rithmatic
Wages: Government Should Assure a Fair and Living Wage / Wages Must be Based on Productivity
Wealth: Wealth Must be Redistributed / Wealth Must be Created
Which Side on the Reading War?: Whole Language / Phonics