Tuesday, June 29, 2004


Update 1: Fixed broken links

Tomorrow, time permitting, I had planned to go to a talk on climate change given by the New Economics Foundation, who got such a respectful write-up from me recently.

They have just published a new report on energy policy, which I have glanced over. Given my amazement at the incompetence of the last one they produced, I was amazed to find a big write up by the FT's Carola Hoya in Friday's Science features, taking their arguments about the cost of solar and the level of subsidy for fossil fuels seriously. I'll write to my mate there enclosing the relevant post.

But the funny thing about the meeting is that I just know that everyone is to be encouraged to use public transport - but those nice people from the RMT union have a strike tomorrow and will shut down the tube, so I can't travel all the way across London to get there.

One reason I live where I do is that the Docklands Light Railway, the only tube line built under Maggie, runs automatically without any guards, drivers or station staff, such was the justified concern with union power.

But, there's more! My hero is appearing at the Friends Meeting House; Since it's hosted by the Quakers, I suppose that means there'll be no violence, no matter how obnoxious I get?