Friday, June 25, 2004

Dempsey Comes Out Fighting

He's angry and he's just launched his book. George Dempsey's From the Embassy was launched last night with the support of the vigorous Irish free-market think-tank, the Open Republic Institute, which is off to a flying start under the direction of Paul MacDonnell, Moore MacDowell and others.

Owing to pressure of business, I had to stay in London, much to my chagrin and couldn't beg for a ticket to the launch. However, I've got the book, and I will post my comments and an evaluation here shortly.

The infamous Questions and Answers programme on 17th September 2001, when he was barracked by some of the audience can be seen on the RTE website, if you have RealPlayer. I'll try and format this into a file format that can be posted online as and when I can.