Monday, June 28, 2004

Green With Hatred

Normally, I wouldn't give an interview with someone describing themselves as "radical feminist" much time, but I thought this interview with Betsey Hartmann in the New Scientist raised some interesting points and gave some startling information. Like Lomborg, she seems to have come to a critique of environmentalism as a paleo-conservative ideology, but goes beyond him to condemn it as taking common ground with the far-right, and as an excuse for militarism, authoritarianism and indifference towards the third-world. The whole interview is worth a read, if only for accessing some new ideas.

Highlights include her criticism of Robert Kaplan and the military for emphasising the security risk from environmental degredation, and highlighting links between prominent neo-Malthusians, including Paul Ehrlich, with unsavory characters of the far-right, including psychologist Kevin MacDonald, a character witness for David Irving at his 2000 trial against Penguin and a collaborator with eugenicist Richard Lynn

Her arguments remind me of what I remember of Germaine Greer's book "Sex and Destiny", which I read as a teenager in the desperate hope that it contained something at least slightly stimulating in the pornography-famine that was nineteen-eighties Ireland.