Friday, May 28, 2004

Why I Write

The Lab Rat

Almost every blog I read today seems to have some comment on blogging, inspired by a report by the New York Times, profiling the individuals who forfeit food, society and even sex in favour of obsessively writing the continuous stream of comment that makes up the typical blog.

My own behaviour, writing this and other articles at almost 1am, after an early start and a day spent on my feet probably conforms to this pattern. My life right now reminds me of those experiments I've read of where lab rats were offered a choice of two buttons; pushing one dispensed food, while the other dispensed cocaine. The rats were soon relentlessly pressing the button to get drugs, ignoring the readily-available food for days on end, mirroring the obsessive behaviour of human addicts, and spending long times in Soho restaurants talking of their planned media projects.

Peter 笔德