Friday, November 26, 2004

Thanksgiving Quiz

Since Thanksgiving ended 12 minutes ago, I though that I should enter into the spirit of the festival.

I've just finished the new book by Samuel Huntington "Who Are We? America's Great Debate", which has earned a lot of comment, mostly for the wrong reasons. Reading it reminded me of Richard Hofstatder, "America had been largely taken away from them and heir kind...The old American virtues have already been eaten away by cosmopolitans and

What Uncle Sam forgets, in all his huffing and puffing about a wave of Mexicans pouring over the border is the genius of the American political system, namely that Federalism means that you'll never get anywhere without building coalitions and bargaining with people. The two party system and seperation of powers geographically and across the branches has meant that in spite of over a hundred years of seperatist agitation Louis Farrakhan has never had and will never have any influence at all, in spite of the fact that HALF of African-American voters want to have a seperate political party of their own.

Here's a question for all you out there. Supposing there was a survey of most of the world's countries - which nation would proclaim itself the most patriotic? Post your answers here, and you'll get my fulsome praise if you get the right answer.

Happy Thanksgiving!