Friday, November 19, 2004

Aururoa me arse!

Here was me thinking that London was experiencing a persistent Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights for the past week or so. I was puzzled as to why this phenomenon would appear so far south, only in plain white and seemingly wheel around the sky in what looks like a predictable circular pattern.

Actually, on walking down Oxford Street yesterday evening, I discovered the reason. In the spirit of Albert Speer, but with very little of the budget, and none of the creativity and organisation, the Oxford Street authorities have put on a Christmas light show, which allegedly has a Harry Potter theme.

Hardly the cathedral of light, more the garden shed of light, it has archways over the street at intervals of 100m or so, with two or three spotlights swiveling up and down. The only thing suggesting any connection to Harry Potter is a smallish placard of A3 size on each gantry depicting one of the characters for the movie. I'm unimpressed; Ken has been spending too much time waving his wand.