Sunday, September 26, 2004

Public Enemy Number One

I read some more acute analysis of the Middle East in an unexpected place today, namely in the weekly email from scandal sheet Popbitch. In one recent issue, I hadn't heard of anyone they mentioned apart from David Hasselhof.

Anyway, the anonymous gossip-mongers seem to have figured out who exactly is the inspiration for the notorious kidnapper al-Zarqawi:
The macho posturing, the flags and logos, the righteous anger, the 50 Cent prison gym-honed muscles, the guns: Al-Z's whole image is taken straight from a Public Enemy video. All that's missing is Osama Bin Laden appearing with an enormous clock around his neck...
The other link, of course, is that Cork's answer to Michael Lind, Gavin Sheridan, posts about both of them on his blog.