Friday, September 03, 2004

Black, the Kettle and the Pot

Pearls of stupidity were cast before the swinish media multitude this week on the release by a highly critical report Hollinger, Conrad Black's holding company for the Daily Telegraph, Jerusalem Post, Spectator and other media assets.

Richard Perle, among the most prominent of the shape-shifting twelve foot lizards running US foreign policy under the Bush administration also came in for some severe flak.

As one of three members of Hollinger's executive committee, Mr Perle allegedly approved transactions that directly benefited Lord Black "without any thought, comprehension or analysis", the FT wrote, quoting the Hollinger report. The

The Hollinger special committee report continues by highlighting the conscientiousness and attention to detail Perle brought to the role of independent director: "Perle's own description of his performance on the executive commitee was stunning. In fact he admitted that he generally did not even read [the documents] he signed or understand the transactions to which they applied". Obviously, he's just the man you need to have around when negotiating superpower nuclear missile treaties, as Perle did as Assistant Defense Secretary under Ronald Reagan.

Black seems to have condemned Perle's untruthfulness and not his self-enrichment even though it was apparent to him, writing in an email to a colleague, "As I suspected, there is a good deal of nest-feathering being conducted by Richard which I don't object to other than that there was some attempt to disguise it behind a good deal of dissembling and obfuscation".

The one bright spot for Republicans in his swamp of conceit and corporate misgovernance is that Perle, as he started out when working for Senator Henry "Scoop" Jackson, champion of Soviet Jewish emigration, remains a registered Democrat.

I would have published this post in much more timely way had I not been struggling in vain to come up with some amusing pun on Conrad Black's name.