Monday, May 03, 2004

Talking Back to the Media: Reflections on a Month of Blogging

Well, it's been about a month now since I set up this blog. I'm glad I did. Although, I know that it can have some unpredictable effects on my life.

I've long thought that with so much media and academic content online, we have all become our own journalists who search for and weigh up different sources, allowing us to spot inaccuracy and bias much more readily. Change must be on the horizon for the print and broadcast media, even if most media professionals don't recognise it. We aren't just left with the option of shouting at the TV anymore.

A lot of my content just comes from posting my evaluations of the news stories, op-ed pieces, other blog postings and so on that I read. Often, I've just cut and pasted material from emails I've sent. The recent thread on the dollar, in response to the "seigneurage motivated the Iraq war" argument is a good example.

In my humble opinion, my writing style has improved somewhat through the exercise of publishing online. I've been reading the Penguin Guide to Punctuation over this weekend too. I find it very hard to resist going back to polish and correct previous posts, which takes up most of my time working on the blog.

Also, it's motivating me to study and think much more seriously about a lot of issues. The oil project in particular seems like an excellent way to figure out a problem and get beyond the rhetoric of panic. I spend several hours reading economics texts in Waterstone's yesterday, driven by my curiousity about the issues raised by the seigneurage article (see posts above and below).

The layout looks quite presentable, after much tinkering, but I need to figure out how to have sidebars for particular stories, if I can.

I'm slightly scared by exposing myself through this medium. Plenty of people may disagree with me, but I hope that nobody thinks that I have stepped at any point beyond reason or humanity.

Peter 笔德