Thursday, March 24, 2005

Intrinsically Disordered in Baghdad

The Church of England isn't the only religious body having problems in recognising homosexual relationships, according to today's FT:
Say theword mujahid- or holy warrior - these days and many inhabitants of Baghdad are likely to snigger.


For Iraqis opposed to the predominantly Sunni Islamist insurgency, Terror in the Hands of Justice, which airs twice daily on Iraqi public television, has broken the mystique of a force that used to strike terror into the hearts of anyone working with the Americans or the new government.


In recent weeks, however, the insurgents' confessions have become increasingly at odds with the movement's reputation for stringent Islamic austerity.

One long-bearded preacher known as Abu Tabarek recently confessed that guerrillas had usually held orgies in his mosques, secure in the knowledge that their status as holy warriors would win them forgiveness of their sins.