Thursday, December 09, 2004

Running Out of Blogroll

I'm still not very good at formatting this blog, as one might see from the posts below. However, I finally managed to figure out how to operate trackback last night, which will, I hope be a regular feature in the future.

I'm also removing the blogroll - as I'm pretty sure it's no actual use to anybody. Everyone who reads this will know where I get a lot of my informaton, and increasingly that means books or academic papers, which often aren't online.

Posting comments to most of the blogs I read regularly is already a habit, so there's hardly much of a signal of mutual recognition in adding a blog to the list.

Asking for a link can take up time and often, in spite of the best intentions, the asked for link just doesn't materialise.

Anyway, I should stop writing blog posts when I'm supposed to be listening to someone talking on the other end of the phone line.