Thursday, December 16, 2004

Newfound Prominence

Look who's being quoted over at the Freedom Instiute blog!

I'm particularly sceptial of Kyoto's science, just the economic and political ideas and tactics of many of its more zealous supporters, British activist Mark Lynas being one example.

A lot of people write shite about climate change, including Paul Rogers, Bradford University's Professor of Peace Studies (i.e. how to self-righteously demand that the world's democracies disarm themselves, whether against the Soviet threat in the eighties or Islamist terrorists these days), whose book Losing Control I am "critically assessing" in an essay for Birkbeck due tomorrow night, hence the reduced posting here. My basic argument is that Rogers is, not to put too fine a point on it, full of shit, and has written a book with no serious knowledge of the environmental, energy and economics literatures, instead repeating cliches from some seventies environmentalists and other activist sources.

Security, unless redefined as some kind of "social security" is probably going to be largely unaffected by climate change according to this paper, the only one on the topic I've seen by a respectable scholar apart from Thomas Schelling's 1992 American Economic Review article (email me if you want a copy of this).