Sunday, March 20, 2005

What the FIUK are youse doing here?

The latest Irish sojourners to wash up on England's shores are in London at present. With any luck, they will be able to squeeze me into their hectic schedule sometime this weekend. I've

I've recently come across some of the people that they mention. The wonderful blog of the Social Affairs Unit, publishes the original and erudite work of many heavy-hitting writers, including NHS psychiatrist Anthony Daniels (aka "Theodore Dalrymple"), Cambridge international relations don Brendan Simms, whose Unfinest Hour so mercilessly highlighted the need for what's now known as the neo-conservative approach during the scourging of Bosnia, Irish doctor and critic Seamus Sweeney and wunderkind Douglas Murray.

Alex Singleton is familiar to any reader of the Adam Smith Institute Blog. As well as posting frequently there and on Samizdata, Alex has just set up a new think-tank, the Globalisation Institute, as a platform for his pioneering policy research on globalisation from the perspective of a European free-markets advocate.

The granddaddy of all the free-market think-tanks, the Institute of Economic Affairs, which invented much of what is now absoluely undisputed in economic policy, such as the abolition of exchange controls and resale price maintenance in Britain, as well as building the intellectual foundation for Thatcherism. They do not, unfortunately, have a blog yet, but many of their books are available free for download at their site.