Monday, March 14, 2005

Has the IRA waged a just war?

I thought that I should cross-post this piece of mine from Slugger's thread on the half-hearted apology by Garda McCabe's killers:

I'm not aware of any moral tradition (and I straddle several) which condones armed robbery of the mails or the killing of policemen. Even the Provos aren't cynical enough to condone it. If these maggots get out, I wouldn't expect to see them appearing on a gable wall anytime soon.

Think about the just war criteria (jus ad bellum)

  • "War can only be waged for a just cause"
    I'm sure we all recall the vast majorities SF gained in free and fair voting for the Dail and Westminster? No? Me neither!

  • "War can only be waged under legitimate authority."
    Who elected the Provo Army Council? Ah, but I thought you said Gerry and Martin weren't on it. And no, the Second Dail doesn't count either.

  • "War can only be waged with the right intention."
    And getting your hands on the registered mail doesn't count.

  • "War can only be waged with a reasonable chance of success."
    Sorry guys but Belfast remains, as Thatcher said so long ago, as British as Finchley.

  • "War must be waged with proportionality in mind."
    Yeah, Jonathan Ball and Tim Parry had it coming: Probably wanted to be soldiers when they grew up.

  • "War can only be waged as a last resort."
    i.e. only after losing elections and being suppressed by the Republic's police and army, with overwhelming public support.